Men feel strong emotions. Sometimes you find it's hard to communicate what it is you're feeling.

Everyone knows you are a strong man. The guy who will do anything to help. You're equally adept at changing someone's flat tire or being there for your buddy who is going through a rough patch. You pride yourself on being sturdy and reliable. Because of those qualities, you are the kind of man that people look up to.

People in your life tell you they need more emotion from you. But you don't know exactly what that means. Your wife or girlfriend is frustrated that you don't express yourself. She begs you to share your feelings with her. As a result of these missed opportunities for connection, your relationship can feel strained at times.  

You find yourself confused by these discussions. Sometimes they lead to an argument where you might be inclined to leave the situation or sit there, paralyzed, unable to respond.

Clients I work with had trouble connecting with their partners, too. They felt distance between them, as if they were roommates. Or they started flirting back with the old flame who comments on all their pictures. Maybe they’ve already made the jump to infidelity- either emotionally or physically, and don’t know what to do with the guilt, shame, or anger they’re feeling.

Men receive conflicting messages about emotion, even as young boys. Subsequently, you may believe that men don't cry or men have to be tough. A lifetime of bottling up your feelings eventually takes a toll on you and your relationships.

An emotionally rich life is attainable for you, too. Experiencing a wider range of feelings enhances connections with others, inspires creative expression, and cultivates a better balance between your family and career.

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