I help men and women start to connect with their partners and make sense of infidelity.

Clients I work with had trouble trying to connect with their partners, too. They felt like their partner became a roommate. There was little physical contact between them anymore. Or they were two clicks away from saying yes to the old flame who asked them out for drinks by way of social media. Or they’ve already been seeing someone else and feel lost. In some cases, clients considered leaving the relationship altogether.

They are terrified of being alone and equally afraid of conflict. They accommodate others’ needs because the prospect of sharing their feelings might lead to a confrontation. Dodging their feelings caused them to feel stuck in their relationships, professional lives, and creative pursuits.

They have done everything the internet has told them to do: gratitude journaling, affirmations, self-care, coping skills. At some point, they feel the disconnect between what they feel inside and the uplifting message they scrolled on a post-it and stuck to their mirror. Something always interfered with their ability to intimately connect with their partners.

Before they came to see me, my clients wondered whether they were simply destined to endure low-level life dissatisfaction. They were not sure a life of emotional connection could be attainable. And even though they succeed in so many areas of their life, they were unsure of their ability to assert themselves with others. Telling someone what’s in their heart caused them anxiety.

You deserve to live an emotionally rich life. Understanding yourself and discovering new ways of communicating with others that feel authentic and truly “you” are possible. Attending to the relationship with your self radiates into deepened connections with others, unbridled creative expression, and a better balance between your family and career. Through therapy, you can connect with your partner again. If you want to discover new ways of relating to your life, I’d love to help you.

My physical office is located in Livingston, New Jersey, but I’m currently seeing clients via a secure, online platform. My clinical license allows me to work with clients anywhere in the state of New Jersey. Please email me at cmgsnyder@gmail.com if you’d like a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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