What would it be like to feel free?

Free to express whatever you're feeling. Free to be who you are.

Everyone knows you are a strong man. You're quick to help someone change a flat tire or be there for your buddy who is going through a rough patch. Because you are sturdy and reliable, you are the kind of man that people look up to.

You find yourself confused sometimes that you don't know how to communicate what you feel. Or that there's stuff going on inside you that you can't find the words to describe.

People in your life tell you they need more emotion from you. But you don't know exactly what that means. Your wife or girlfriend begs you to share your feelings with her. These tense conversations cause your relationship to feel strained at times.

Sometimes these discussions lead to arguments where you might be inclined to leave the situation or sit there, paralyzed, unable to respond. These conflicts sometimes happen so quickly that you don't know how you got there.

Clients I work with felt distant from their partners, too. Maybe this led to flirting back with the old flame who comments on all their pictures. Maybe they’ve already made the jump to infidelity - and they don’t know what to do with the guilt, shame, or anger they’re feeling.

How I can help you

I’ve helped men like you who are uncertain about what talking to someone involves. You might be afraid you won’t have anything to say. Or that you might cry. You’re so used to handling everything yourself that asking for help feels really uncomfortable.

My clients experience the following outcomes after working with me:

  • Ability to calmly participate in emotional conversations with your partner
  • Improvement in anxious feelings
  • Deeper engagement with work, projects, and creative endeavor
  • Strengthened bonds with children, spouse, and friends

You can feel better less angry and irritable, too. It is possible to enjoy cuddling with your girlfriend or wife again. You might find that some of the little annoying stuff of life is a little less annoying.

I help men just like you.

Call me at 201-248-5552 or email me at cmgsnyder@gmail.com for a free phone consultation.

In-person sessions take place in my Short Hills and Boonton locations. Virtual therapy is available, anywhere in the state of New Jersey.

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