Counseling for Men

Counseling can help the disconnection you feel in your relationships.  

You’ve been going about your life in all the ways you’re expected to – working, taking care of your family, maintaining your relationships – but you feel empty.  It’s hard for you to get excited about anything lately.  You feel like you are in a hole and you can’t get out of it.

Your partner notices that you pulling away and maybe that causes some tension in your relationship. You are still there, but inside, you feel unsettled and have begun to question what you are doing here.

It’s hard for you to connect with your wife or girlfriend lately and sometimes you might find yourself wandering into conversations with old crushes or people you find attractive on social media. You tell yourself these things are innocuous, but you are also curious about going a step further.

You aren’t someone who asks for help.  But you know you can feel much better than you do.  My clients knew it was time to reach out for help when they grew tired of feeling disconnected.  They felt tired of withdrawing and worn out by anxiety and worry.

Your emotions don’t have to steamroll you.  When you learn to manage your them, you will gain the confidence to have difficult conversations that you used to fear. Communicating your inner feelings with your partner causes a ripple effect, enhancing the bond between you and your children, other family members, and friends.

I’d like to help you make sense of how you got here and where you want to go. Please reach out for a 15-minute phone or video consultation at Because my focus is on an individual’s experience in relationships, I do not see couples. If a referral is needed for couples counseling, I can provide one for you.