You are in pain right now. Whether you have been wounded by the infidelity of a partner or your partner has been unfaithful, I can help you sort out what you are feeling.

You are keeping your lack of clarity deep inside.  You don’t want your friends or family to know how deeply confused you are.  You are careful about whom you share with because you want to avoid people’s superficial and unhelpful advice.  You feel lonely and sad and maybe even ashamed that you are dealing with this.

It is OK to not be OK right now. While you are putting on a brave face in front of your children and at work, it’s getting more difficult to maintain your composure everyday.

This is also not what you expected in your life. That goes for whether you have been wounded by a partner’s infidelity or you have been unfaithful.

You don’t have to get through this alone.

I know you might not be feeling it now, but relief from these present struggles is possible.  Going to talk with someone is helpful when your relationship feels hopeless and your emotions weigh heavily on you.

Working with people when they are feeling lost and uncertain is at the core of why this work is so special to me.  I recognize how profoundly you are struggling and I am here to guide and support you when hope is the last thing on your mind.

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In-person sessions take place in my Short Hills and Boonton locations.  Virtual therapy is available to anyone in the state of New Jersey.